Benefits that eating turkey meat brings to our health

Don’t you like turkey because of its lack of flavor and because it is dry? Here are some reasons why you should incorporate turkey intake into your diet or eating habits.

The consumption of turkey meat is not only common in Thanksgiving and Christmas, but now it is a food that we incorporate into our daily diet thanks to the great benefits that it brings to our health, and these are just some of them. 

Ideal for weight loss 

Turkey is one of the most recommended foods in any diet because it contributes very few calories to our body, helping us to obtain, more quickly and easily, the figure we always dream about. 

Low cholesterol 

The fat and cholesterol levels of turkey are very low, which makes it the ideal food for people suffering from a disease and must have their cholesterol levels controlled. 

Give health to our hearts. 

Contrary to what happens with red meat, turkey, being lean meat, is ideal for preventing cardiovascular problems, helping to keep our heart healthy.

Ally, of the dream 

Being a food that does not fall heavy and is easily digested, makes the turkey an ally of our dreams, allowing us to digest it more easily with respect to other types of food. 

It prevents cancer 

The consumption of turkey, because it is rich in selenium, reduces the possibility of suffering from breast, prostate, or lung cancer. 

Ideal for people with anemia 

Thanks to the iron it contains, the consumption of turkey meat is recommended for people suffering from anemia, that is, a condition that occurs when the blood does not have enough red blood cells. 

Moisturizes the skin 

Being composed of 75% water, turkey is also a great ally of our skin, helping to keep it hydrated. 

Fight acne 

During adolescence or due to hormonal changes, acne may appear on our skin, so it is recommended that you consume turkey, as it is a food that regulates the sebaceous glands.

It helps to heal 

Like other types of meat, such as chicken, pork, and beef, turkey consumption, due to its high protein content, improves blood supply, thus facilitating the healing of a wound.

It has folic acid 

Pregnant women should incorporate turkey into their diet since this meat contains folic acid, a vitamin that prevents congenital disabilities in babies. 

Ideal for people with high uric acid 

People with high levels of uric acid can consume turkey without any concern. 

Healthy bones 

Turkey meat helps keep our bones healthy and strong. Its consumption at an early age could help us prevent fractures and bone diseases. 

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