Dieting tips to Make Things Easier

We leave you a series of tips to diet correctly, controlling certain details that are critical in this regard and that we may be missing:

Counting calories

The first and most important step in our journey through the world of nutrition is to find out the amount of calories we are consuming, on average. Establishing a food diary and recording what we consume a week is an important milestone.


When it comes to concluding what we are doing, it is time to see if we are losing weight, gaining it or staying the same. If our weight has not fluctuate much, we should know that our current intake is close enough to our maintenance.

If we are gaining weight, our average consumption is higher than maintenance. It is good to apply the numbers calculated by our basal metabolic rate and the calories consumed, to see the real effect it has on our body.

As each body is unique, this universal formula will not work the same in all. Therefore, it is essential to test it and change certain elements that fit us correctly.

Beware of miracle diets

Nothing good can be expected from miracle diets. We must keep in mind that at any time we restrict calories for more than a day or two, whether through diet, exercise, or both, our metabolism slows down.

The effect is most noticeable with long-term diets or drastic calorie reduction. This explains why so many people who follow diets end up gaining more weight than they lose.

If we subject our body to a poorly structured or alarmingly low-calorie diet, our body responds to the perception of “energy crisis”, reducing the metabolic rate by regulating the body through hunger and metabolism reduction

As a natural response, anxiety is unleashed in our brain, causing appetite to wake up to absurd levels, trying to ingest any energy source we have within our reach.

Be realistic

If we really want to achieve goals, we must be realistic with the goals set, that is, if we want to gain muscle mass, we have to be aware that we have to gain fat.

The same goes the other way around; that is, if we want to lose weight, we must lose muscle in the process. It is obvious that proper training and a good diet will help us minimize the impact, but let’s not dream that everything will be perfect.

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