Do This Leg Workout At Home To Strengthen Your Lower Body

If you are looking for a practical and useful way to get strong and shapely legs, this leg training at home is what you were looking for.

However, before starting, it is a specialized routine that will serve purely to get your legs working (and also includes this leg training at home, exercises for the abdomen). If you want to work the remaining parts of the body, it would be convenient to include an additional training day that includes exercises for the upper body.

General description

Duration: 5 weeks

Training Days per week: 2

Material: Exercises with body weight

Objectives: Tone muscle mass in the legs and lose weight

Level: Intermediate / Beginner

Workout exercises for legs at home

Before starting with this leg training at home, we must properly warm the body, following a protocol similar to the following that I provide:

Perform 3-5 minutes of stationary cardio: 

Whether cycling, running or rowing.


In addition to helping us improve our performance during training, it reduces the risk of injuries. Ankle, knee, wrist, neck and Cuban rotations are some of the stretching exercises we can do.

Central nervous system activation circuit: 

It is the same as stretching, but is more focused on helping us activate the body to perform better. Before we begin, we can do a small sequence of some random exercises that will help us fully activate the muscles of our body. A good example would be that for day 1 and 3; we would do: 5 squats, 5 CrossFit abs and 3 push-ups with the knees supported, without any rest and trying to perform the sequence three times.

Once the warm-up is done, it is time to go through the selection of exercises for this leg training at home:

Workout for legs at home – Day 1

5 × 25 Squats

3 × 12 Burpees

3 × 10 Leg slide 

2 × 0: 20 seconds doing Wall press

2 × 12 Crunch

2 × 10 Oblique Crunch (10 per side)

Workout for legs at home – Day 2

1 × 100 Squats with our body weight (count the total time invested, you can rest until you complete them, taking into account that the rest will be the minimum necessary)

3 × 15 Strides (with each leg)

3 × 10 glute kicks

2 × 20 CrossFit abs

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