The 5 best sports to tone the whole body

Toning can be as difficult as focusing only on losing fat or hypertrophy. Therefore, this time we will focus on what are the best sports to tone the whole body, such as swimming or CrossFit. Take note:


Like so many other times that there is talk of beneficial sports, swimming cannot be missed. This complete sport allows the cardiovascular system and the muscles of practically the entire body to work. When swimming, both the upper and lower part of the body is benefited. Due to this work of all the large muscle groups with swimming, it is one of the most beneficial physical activities globally. 

Depending on what style of swimming you use, you can focus more on the work of certain muscle groups, although in most of them, the back, chest, and shoulders do a great job.


The TRX is not properly a sport, but a suspension training system. Of military origin, this system has become very popular in the last two decades. Thanks to the possibilities given by the TRX straps, the support and suspension points can be used both to increase the difficulty of the exercises and to facilitate them. You always work with the weight of the body itself, with activities that make an extraordinary impact on the core.

Contact sports

There is a huge variety of contact sports and martial arts, but almost all of them coincide with their exceptional ability to tone the entire body. Such sports provide a job in which the muscles of the whole body are worked and tested.

Besides, if you do not like the concept of hitting yourself with another person, there are variants such as air boxing or body combat, in which martial arts movements and combat styles are practiced without needing to reach physical contact.


Crossfit is another training method that has gained much popularity worldwide in recent years. It is a high intensity training method, which works with functional movements. It combines movements and exercises typical of disciplines such as weightlifting or artistic gymnastics, in which you work both with your own weight and with added weights.


Basketball is another very complete sport. On the one hand, the ball demands arm movements that involve speed and force. On the other hand, high-speed races and constant jumps provide the work of the lower train, since it is an effort that is done, especially with the legs.

If you are looking for a group sport with which to work your whole body, basketball is an excellent option.

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